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Dance and Material Interactive Theater

Kan-Garim is a unique performance for the whole family. Through a world of movement and objects, we get to know the ‘Kan-Garim,’ strange and funny creatures who live close together and don’t always find it easy. 

The show reflects on togetherness and encourages creative abstract thinking. With a minimalistic approach, found materials, and acrobatic elements, the stage transforms into a playground that encourages both young and adults to reflect on their place in the world around them and to keep on dreaming and imagining.

Language: Without words

Duration: 45 Minutes

Age: 3+

Year: 2020

Creator, Director and Performer: Shay Persil

Performers and Creation Partners: Hoodi Ben Ami, Tomilio Munz

Set Design, Costume Design and Artistic Escort: Idit Herman

Soundtrack Design: Gil Lavi

Lighting Design: Rafael Haugus

Production: Clipa Theater Tel Aviv

Special Thanks: Marit Ben Israel, Artur Astman, Ariel Bronz

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