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If sandwiches can be hungry, then monsters can fall in love. And if a man lives in the house, then where does the house live?

Jeremy attempts to write all kinds of stories. Sometimes Shay helps him, sometimes not, But only together they will succeed in the task - to tell a story about how to tell a story! And how to live happily ever after, too…

A puppetry, object theatre and clowning performance reminding us that every creation starts with a game. 


Language: Hebrew / English / Spanish / French / Turkish / Russian

Duration: 45 Minutes

Age: 4+

Year: 2018

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Co-created with Jeremie Ravon

Writing, directing, and visual language: Shay Persil
Acting, manipulation, and design: Jeremie Ravon and Shay Persil
Artistic consultant: Marit Benisrael
Stage construction: Itamar Mendes Flohr
Music and lighting design: Dan Karger
Performance counseling: Naomi Yoeli

Production: The Traintheater

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