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Interactive video Installation


The audience is invited to pour sand over a strainer, thus creating a screen that enables them to “catch” the projected bird in its flight.The sisyphic repetitive action of pouring the sand until it runs out and the bird which is revealed for only a brief moment, are a symbol of the difficulty in capturing beauty, to the elusiveness of time and to the almost impossible yearn for perceiving, and fully experiencing a moment in time.

Music: Gil Lavi


Production of The Shlomi Center for Creativity for Muses Festival, Shoham.

rearing you wild

Dance Theater



Movement trio for a mother and her two daughters confined to a closed domestic space.

Each of the characters longs for privacy and independence, as well as human warmth and intimacy. Possible contact with the outside world is a mere wish. The closed space contains rigid rules and limitations. It generates the need to create an alternative reality: a new, imaginary world made up of linked desires and dreams, validated in view of ‘real’ and reality.

Creation, Direction, Choreography and Performance: Shay Persil

Performers and Co-Creators: Ana Wild, Anat Arbel, Ayelet Lerman, Yael Zuckerman

Set and Design: Gil Lavi

Set Construction: Daniel Eichenburger

Music: Gil Lavi and Ayelet Lerman

Costume Design: Yael Skidelsky

Producer: Yael Mushkin

Fly my little postcard

Video Art 5:40 min



A journey that takes place inside of a couple’s mind.

Through a memory, a space comes to life. It takes the couple back into a different reality that forever stays out of reach.

Creation, direction and editing: Shay Persil

Participants: Gil Lavi, Shay Persil

Cinematography: Itay Marom

Animation: Sharon Breuer, Gil Lavi


Movement Theatre



A mosaic of movements, words and colours instil the everchanging Israeli reality into a fairy tale. From a scullery maid to Cinderella and back again.

Creation, direction, costume and sound design: Shay Persil

Performers and creation partners: Maayan Mozes, Moran Sanderovitch, Guy Kapulnik, Noa Simon, Li Lorian, Ana Wild, Erez Levin

Lighting design: Idan Schwartz

Created at the School of Visual Theatre Jerusalem


Video-Dance, 4:40 min



An imaginary return to pre-school.

Two grown up girls surrounded by infinite formulas which they are unable to solve.

The entrance of a third figure activates the space. She imagines herself hovering above the restricted and formal adult life. She tries to communicate but the two girls are bound to stay inside their restricted space.

Video creator: Shay Persil

Participants: Gili Lavy, Inbar Ben Yishay, Ana Wild

Art: Noa Elran

a day




A woman as a vessel, empties and refills, driven by everyday activities.

Contains, regurgitates and refills again, only to be overflooded.

Co-created with Tchelet Weisstub

Sound Design: Tamar Lerner