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Shay Persil is a multidisciplinary artist in visual theater, puppetry, and a performer.

She is a graduate of the School of Visual Theater, Jerusalem, David Yellin College of Education, Jerusalem, The Greenhouse Studies of Artistic Puppet Theater for Children at the Train Theater, Jerusalem, and of Focusing Method at the Shiluv School of Psychotherapy, Tivon, Israel.

Persil researches encounters between body and matter, usually works with existing objects and ready-made materials, disassembles and assembles them, and allows them to be discovered and recounted.

Her works aim to create a comprehensive and therapeutic sensory experience that will allow an unmediated encounter with the material; oftentimes the audience is invited to enter the work, experience it from within, and become a part of the performance. 


Persil creates works for both children and adults. She has performed and created works for theaters and Festivals in Israel and abroad and enjoys collaborating with various directors and creators as a designer, performer, and artistic advisor.

Tel: 972-50-651-5066

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